Shots at San Diego movie theater linked to domestic violence

Shots at San Diego movie theater linked to domestic violence

A man who fired shots at the Carmel Mountain Ranch movie theater in San Diego, Calif., is reportedly in custody tonight after causing panic at the shopping center.

#BREAKINGNEWS Gunman who fired shots at Carmel Mountain Ranch movie theater now in custody. Domestic Violence related. Details @cbs8 5p.

— Marcella Lee (@MarcellaLeeCBS8) January 13, 2013

@marcellaleecbs8 @cbs8 thank you for reporting. We were wondering when it was safe to go back outside #carmelmountain

— Rebecca Pick (@rropick) January 13, 2013

@rropick @cbs8 yes, safe now. Thank you.

— Marcella Lee (@MarcellaLeeCBS8) January 13, 2013

Word of a disturbance at the shopping center traveled quickly via social media.

Why are there sooo many cop cars in the Carmel Mountain shopping center???

— Sylvia Trinh (@sylvia_ann) January 13, 2013

What’s going on on Carmel Mountain Rd? There are a dozen cops, blocking parking lots, check ppl, etc.

— Bananas For Bourbon (@bananas4bourbon) January 12, 2013

STAY AWAY from Carmel Mountain! Gunman is white male 5’8-5’9. Black Hoodie in white tee. Silver gun. I saw him at2:30pm.

— Sarah Vogel (@iamsarahfogel) January 13, 2013

10News: Authorities responding to reports of an officer-involved shooting inside a movie theater in Carmel Mountain. More information coming

— Jesse Fritz (@SDFritz) January 13, 2013

I have never been so scared in my life…… I’m Locked down at work sitting in the back at Claire’s

— mackenzie shea (@xkenziebabyx) January 13, 2013

A guy tried to shoot his girl friend in the reading cinemas, how sick can you be….

— mackenzie shea (@xkenziebabyx) January 13, 2013

@ctubs from what the cop told me the guy just went on a rampage! I was like parked near staples and saw all the ambulances!

— Meagan O’Mahoney (@meagan_omahoney) January 13, 2013

10News is reporting that one person with a gunshot wound was transported to Palomar Medical Center for treatment.

Twitchy will continue to monitor the situation and update as details emerge.

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10News is reporting that the person injured was an armed man, whom police confronted inside a movie theater following a domestic violence incident outside.

The incident started as a domestic dispute between a man and his girlfriend shortly before 2 p.m. across the street in the parking lot of a Best Buy, according to police at the scene.

Police told 10News that officers were looking for who they described as an Asian man with a gun. The suspect was spotted at the shopping center shortly before 2:30 p.m. and police apparently confronted him inside the theater.

San Diego police officer shot, critically injured armed man at Reading Cinemas Carmel Mountain 12. Started as domestic. Cop not injured.

— Cecile Juliette KHSL (@CecileKHSL) January 13, 2013

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